Aircall is a cloud-based call center software that integrates with CRM, productivity, and helpdesk tools.
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What is Aircall?

Aircall CTI is a cloud-based phone system that operates all call activity via the cloud, the telephony platform integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and helpdesk tools via the Aircall app marketplace and offers interesting features.

  • Provides an Aircall phone number
  • Aircall customer relationship management integration with CRM tools like Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk
  • Custom integration of your Aircall account with e-commerce platforms like Hubspot, Shopify
  • Use your Aircall number  to get  call data from inbound phone calls and outbound calls, voicemails, call recording
  • Automation of sales team workflow practices with integrations like Slack
  • Aircall dashboard was built to make phone support as easy to manage and automate business workflow— dialer, accessible, transparent, and collaborative.
  • Access to Aircall solution anywhere and everywhere with their phone app and Aircall API

Aircall integration helps customer success, sales and support teams communicate clearly and efficiently. Admins can instantly add numbers from 100+ countries, scale their teams according to seasonality, and gain deep insights through real-time analytics. Global presence with offices in New York, Madrid, Sydney

Deflect calls from Aircall to live chat, SMS, or Self-Service

If you receive a high volume of calls into your call center, you can use Chatdesk Shift to deflect incoming calls away from your customer support team to messaging channels and self-service channels while improving your customer satisfaction. Chatdesk Shift helps you reduce both your inbound call volume and your cost per call.

Configure Chatdesk Shift, is a low cost solution that lets you efficiently manage your customer calls by shifting them to more efficient channels. e.g. live chat, SMS, and social media. In these channels, your customer service agents are able to quickly handle large volumes of tickets, reducing wait times for customers.

  • Low Pricing
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

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