Genesys is a cloud-based software that provides its users with improved call management, enhanced call routing capabilities to the right resources, and faster resolution of calls.
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What is Genesys?

Genesys customer experience platform is an all-in-one omnichannel contact center and communications solution recognized as a leader in both cloud (Genesys Purecloud) and on-premises markets, which helps companies of every size make their customers feel remembered, heard and understood via their features and integrations.

  • Customer engagement  API integration platforms like SAP
  • Workflow and workforce management platforms like Microsoft through the Genesys app foundry.
  • Customer interactions in real-time
  • CRM management system integrations like; Salesforce
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) collaboration with Genesys to create a better customer AI experience.
  • Automation of learning AI responses with integrations with Lex bots and Kendra search integration

As they pioneer Experience as a Service℠, organizations of any size can provide true personalization at scale, interact with empathy, and foster customer trust and loyalty.This is enabled by Genesys Cloud CX and Genesys Pureconnect platform, an all-in-one solution and the world’s leading public cloud contact center platform, designed for rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility by Genesys solutions. Offering a friendly user interface including a web app and screen pop.

Deflect calls from Genesys to live chat, SMS, or Self-Service

If you receive a high volume of calls into your call center, you can use Chatdesk Shift to deflect the calls away from your phone number to your customer support team on messaging channels and self-service channels while improving your customer satisfaction.

  • Chatdesk Shift helps you reduce both your inbound/outbound call volume and your cost per call.
  • Efficiently manage multichannel customer communications functionality.
  • Drive greater sales and service efficiency with key metrics
  • Automate your data actions
  • Chatdesk Shift is a low-cost pricing solution that lets you efficiently manage your customer calls by shifting them to more efficient channels. e.g. Live chat SMS and social media.

In these channels, your customer service agents are able to quickly handle large volumes of tickets, reducing wait times for customers.

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