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NICE inContact is a cloud customer experience platform that transforms your call center software to empower exceptional agent and customer experiences.
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What is inContact?

NICE inContact is a cloud-based CRM system and call center software that helps businesses maximize leads, provide automation to the contact center, and improve customer experience and customer journey.

The solution comprises many features required to process inbound support requests and helps businesses with customer interaction via omnichannel sources such as inbound/outbound voice calls, email, voicemail, chat, social media and more. Nice InContact solves these communication issues through amazing features and integrations;

  • Storing of customer data on an open cloud foundation
  • Nice inContact cxone agents for CRM integrations like Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Screen pop live chat
  • Contact center control on CRM integrations.
  • Intgeration with workflow optimizing platforms like Servicenow

NICE inContact offers various call routing features, like IVR, CTI and ACD. The ecosystem also includes workforce optimization and customisation capabilities such as e-learning, hiring and workforce management using RESTful APIs. The blended predictive dialer tool offers call blending, message lay-down dialing, call suppression and auto dialer for blended call centers. The solution seamlessly integrates with popular CRM applications like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud.

Deflect calls from Nice inContact to live chat, SMS, or Self-Service

Customer contact center agents have to engage in multiple conversations with customers. like;

  • Order status
  • Functionality of CRM integration API.
  • Returining and cancelling of orders
  • contact center solutions on products

By using Chatdesk Shift, you can direct customers away from your customer support team to self-service multichannels in realtime. Chatdesk Shift helps you reduce your handle time, inbound call volume, your cost per call and increase agent efficiency in less time. Chatdesk shift also frees-up customer service agents by shifting calls to efficient channels.

Your customer service agents are able to quickly handle large volumes of tickets by shifting calls onto live chat, SMS, messaging social media channels etc. Our solution provides a streamline method to improve customer relationship management by;

  • Reducing wait times while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Automate switching between channels.

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