UJET is a cloud-based customer support software that helps companies engage with customers across all endpoints.
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What is UJET?

UJET inc is a modern cloud contact center software with phone, chat and in-app CRM support and their next-generation smartphone technology for a superior customer experience and agent experience.

The UJET platform delights end-users with real-time, anywhere access and elevates agent performance through context-aware solutions for voice, chat, image, video, and text. Also, UJET integrations;

  • Customer interaction CRM integrations with, Zendesk, Kustomer, Liveagent and more messaging channels.
  • Workflow integration software like Microsoft office service cloud and Salesforce

UJET.co is used by many customer-centric, innovative enterprises to automate contact center processes and provide superior experiences and functionality that drive higher customer satisfaction.‍

Deflect calls from UJET to live chat, SMS, or Self-Service

Customer support agents frequently have to engage in transactional conversations that customers could handle themselves e.g. checking their order status, returning an item, or cancelling a delivery.

By using Chatdesk Shift;

  • Reduce both your inbound call volume and your cost per call.
  • Call center conversations are directed to messaging channels and APIs
  • Routing of customer support team to self-service
  • Reduce handle time and automation of cloud contact center solutions.

Chatdesk shift also frees-up customer service agents by shifting calls to efficient customer endpoint channels. Your customer service agents are able to quickly handle large volumes of tickets by shifting calls onto live chat, SMS, social media etc. Our solution provides a low-cost way to reduce wait times while increasing customer satisfaction.  

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