The energy drink brand Red Bull wanted to raise awareness and gather entries for its annual Red Bull Dance Your Style competition. In 2020, the company hosted it solely on TikTok and ran the #RedBullDanceYourStyle branded hashtag challenge.

Example use of #RedBullDanceYourStyle hashtag.

The Results

It achieved success globally, generating the following statistics:

  • More than 7 billion views
  • Submissions from over 1 million creators
  • A 14.94% UGC engagement rate

Why the #RedBullDanceYourStyle Campaign Worked

First, the campaign tapped into one of the biggest trends on TikTok — dancing. The competition’s mechanics were also simple:

  1. Users had to show off their best dance moves and use the branded hashtag for their entries.
  2. Then, eight finalists would be selected by a jury and have the opportunity to compete against eight wildcard dancers for a chance to enter the World Final in 2021.
  3. The audience then decides the winner of the World Final.

Second, Red Bull also used various ads to promote its competition further, widening the campaign’s scope. Lastly, to kick things off, the company worked with 23 popular TikTok creators worldwide, giving the brand instant access to millions of followers.

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