Sweetgreen Leverages #FoodTok on TikTok

Sweetgreen is an American fast casual restaurant chain that primarily serves salads.

How Sweetgreen Leverages #FoodTok Subculture on TikTok

The brand capitalizes on the popular “FoodTok” subculture where TikTok creators develop and share recipes with their followers.

Sweetgreen’s TikTok presence is mostly composed of videos sharing the brand’s recipes so that their customers and followers can make it at home. These recipes are Sweetgreen’s responses to customer requests, which they make sure to show in every video.

Sweetgreen posted their mushroomami recipe in response to this comment.

Why Engaging With Consumers of #Foodtok Subculture Works

Sweetgreen’s viewers can see in each TikTok that the brand replies to their customers’ comments. By making content based on their customers’ comments, Sweetgreen shows that the customers’ needs and interests are a key priority.

It also encourages engagement since customers can freely ask about

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