Critter Co. Fascinates Consumers on TikTok

Critter Co. is a brand that offers Kawaii stationery, stickers, desk accessories, and digital art. It’s owned by Kirsten Williams, the artist behind Critter Co.’s various products.

Critter Co. Engages Viewers With Their Creative Content

The brand and Williams’s TikTok presence consists of various types of videos:

  • Critter Co. updates like shop restocks, new card designs, and even discount promos.
  • Tutorials showing customers/followers how to make DIY cards for different occasions. Williams has posted tutorials of: DIY birthday cards, Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards, and more.
  • Williams posts videos of her packing orders for Critter Co.’s most supportive customers. These customers also get a shoutout in said TikToks.
  • The brand also shows small projects inspired by other brands. These creations even result in engagement with the said brands.
  • Blog entries giving customers and followers a behind-the-scenes look at Critter Co.’s journey as a brand.
  • Williams even posts replies to customer/follower questions about the items she uses for Critter Co. or even random comments about how users like watching what she does.
TikTok of Williams showing off Critter Co.’s new card design.

Why This Content Is Successful for Critter Co. On TikTok

Critter Co. and Williams posts various types of content on TikTok. All of them are engaging, some of them are educational, and few of them give followers/customers a closer look at Williams and her brand. Customers even get the occasional shoutout and discount.

What makes Critter Co. and Williams’s presence on TikTok successful, however, is that they post the previously mentioned content regularly (except when Williams takes a break). Customers are able to engage with the brand and its owner, but they’re kept interested thanks to Critter Co. and Williams’s sustained presence on the platform.

The brand posted a tutorial on how to make a cute DIY birthday card.

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