Sommer Letter Co. Behind the Scenes on TikTok

Sommer Letter Co. offers customers stationery and gifts designed and created by Kyle Sommer, the artist behind the brand. Her main purpose is to create products that “help you connect with friends and family in meaningful ways.”

Sommer Letter Co. Behind the Scenes View on TikTok

The brand, or Sommer herself, uses TikTok in different ways:

  • As a blog, giving followers and customers a behind-the-scenes look at her and the brand’s growth journey.
  • As a way to answer customer/follower questions not only about her and the brand, but also as a means to give tips for fellow artists and businesses on TikTok.
  • As a channel to give customers and followers a look at Sommer’s creative process. 
  • As Sommer’s channel to personally interact with customers and answer simple questions about her favorite art supplies, etc. 
Content showing followers and customers a look at her 7-year small business journey.

Why This Content Is Successful for Sommer Letter Co. On TikTok

Sommer gives TikTok users, followers, and customers an intimate and behind-the-scenes look at her business and her journey as its proprietor. Sommer also engages with customers herself and gives followers advice on running a business and being an artist.

Replied to a follower’s comment asking for tips about good habits for artists on TikTok.  

Essentially, what makes her TikTok presence so successful is her blog-like approach and how she makes followers and customers feel like they are establishing a real-world relationship with her and her brand. She even sends surprises to some of her best customers.

Replied to a follower’s comment asking for advice on how to encourage customers to buy more than one item.
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