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How do you train and educate Experts to answer messages on-brand?

Making sure everything is answered on-brand is a top priority for us - which is why every Expert goes through a rigorous training process before they start interacting with your customers.

To make sure every message is on-brand, we’ll create a Standard Response Guide that’s based on an analysis of your previous responses and customer interactions. Our machine learning technology empowers your Experts by populating most popular responses for our Experts based on similar questions.

Also, before your Experts get started working on your account, they first go through a training period of practicing how to answer the questions. Once they’ve done that, every Expert needs to take a test and pass it with high scores in order to start live. Your Experts are continually evaluated by the Chatdesk Center for Excellence team which is 24/7 that provides feedback and guidance to your Chatdesk Experts.

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